10 Mysterious "Monsters" Washed up on Our Shores

In July 2011, this mysterious 30 foot carcass was found by a couple walking their dogs on a beach at Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, UK.

The local coast guards were called to examine at the huge and bizarre remains, the only conclusion they could reach was that, because of the size, it must be some type of dead whale.

Specialist examination will be required to provide accurate identification of the beast.


The remnants of this mysterious 55 foot long, 4.5 tonne, scaled beast was a major attraction on the beach at Guangdong, China in June 2011…… despite the foul stench of decay.

Formal species identification of the remains has not yet been disclosed.


In April 2011, a panic was caused when local fishermen hooked, what is thought to be, a twelve foot, monstrous, rarely seen a deep-sea ribbon fish off a beach in Miaoli, Taiwan.

It is believed that earthquakes may have driven the creature away from its natural habitat and into the shallow waters.

monster 3
monster 4

In May 2010, this strange, currently unidentified creature was dragged from a lake in Kitchenuhmaykoosib in Ontario, Canada.

The creature had a foot long rat like tail, huge fangs, a bald head face and hands/paws where the rest of the body was covered in thick brown fur.

When pictures, taken by two nurses who found the strange creature, were posted on the town website in hopes that the remains could be identified, the intrigued locals went down to the lakeside to investigate the mystery further however, the body was gone ….never to be seen again.

monster 5

This 5 foot long, strange, fanged carcass was discovered on a beach in Devon, UK in January 2009.

Devon has been associated with huge black cat sightings since the 1970’s, which led to speculation that, just maybe, these strange remains could be those of the elusive “Beast of Exmoor”, a monster cat, often sighted, responsible for mauling livestock but never caught…despite the best efforts of numerous hunting parties.

monster 6

This mysterious, beaked creature was discovered on a beach in East Hampton New York in July 2008.

Some “experts”, including "Animal Planet" host Jeff Corwin who examined the photographs speculated that the weird creature was a raccoon – however, this has never been officially verified.

The remains of the “monster” were taken from the beach by local real estate agent Mr Eric Olsen, who later reported that they had been stolen from his property.

This huge, unidentified beast was discovered by Russian soldiers on a beach in Sakhalin, Russia, very close to the Japanese border in August 2006.

The bones and teeth show that it is not a fish, and it is evident that the creature is covered in thick fur.

Russian special services came to collect the carcass for further investigation, however, no further information has, as yet, been released

monster 7

In November 2010, this strange carcass was discovered on Diggers Beach in New South Wales.

Experts from Taronga zoo examined photographs of the beast, which had been washed away into the sea with the tide; and believed that it could possible be a dark furred possum with a skin disease (leaving it bald in areas).

monster 8

The remains of this mysterious monster were discovered on Ocean Beach Park, New London, Connecticut in September 2008.

Experts believe that it could possibly be the remains of a large raccoon, despite the odd proportions of the fleshy body.

It was also reported that the CIA attended the scene and the whereabouts of the carcass is now unknown.

monster 9

This headless monstrosity was found in Newfoundland’s Bay, Canada in February 2010.

There is a square shaped torso (with odd patched of hair), a long tail, twisted into the sand, and the remains of one flipper on the right side.

The department of fisheries took samples of the body for testing, however, no results have as yet been published.


monster 10

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